PCPA wins in International Property Award for the Landmark

PCPA wins in International Property Award for the Landmark

PCPA wins in International Property Award for the Landmark

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (Nov. 1, 2013) — Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects won two awards for The Landmark at the national level of the International Property Awards, a global awards competition for residential and commercial property professionals. The 72-story office and residential tower received the best in category awards for high-rise architecture and mixed-use architecture for Abu Dhabi. The award will be presented on Dec. 6 in London, where the winning companies will learn if they will continue to the International Property Awards. There, selected winners for Arabia & Africa will compete against regional winners from Asia, Africa, the Americas, Europe and the UK.

Participants entered work representing the country where their project is located for the chance to win at a state, national, regional, or international level. A jury of international experts identified the most significant building projects in each category. Awards were given for development, architecture, interior design and real estate.

The Landmark’s design—the winner of an international competition—uses local precedents. To address the desert environment, the building was conceived as a series of layered screens, unfolding like the petals of a flower to reveal a crystalline pillar. While the building is contemporary in appearance, this approach evokes the use of screens in vernacular Arabic architecture. The plan of the building also has a cultural precedent. Its geometry is based on the dodecagon, the 12-sided figure frequently used in Islamic art. At the base of the Landmark is a series of garden terraces under the protection of a monumental glass canopy. The canopy offers shade and glare reduction to the lower office levels. These office spaces are organized around an internal atrium, similar to the traditional courtyard architecture of the Gulf region.

Since 1995, the International Property Awards has celebrated the highest levels of achievement by companies operating in all sectors of the property and real estate industry.  The awards are split into world regions and the highest-scoring winners from each region are entered into the overall International Awards, which recognizes the world’s finest properties and real estate professionals.

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