Associate Hongxi Yang Presents at 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games Ecological Community Urban Design International Workshop

The 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games Ecological Community Urban
Design International Workshop—sponsored by Hangzhou Qianjiang Century City
Development Bureau and organized by Tongji University—united professionals,
experts, and professors from nine countries and eleven universities to discuss
the development of the 2022 Asian Games, both preparation and post-games
transformation. The workshop covered a wide range of topics, such as Smart
Infrastructure, Ecological Community Design, Development from CBD to CAZ
(Central Activity Zone), TOD (Transit Oriented Development), Open Space, and
Public Art, etc.

Discussions focused on the area for the Asian Games Athlete Village, which is next to the new Hangzhou CBD in Qianjiang Century District. Professionals and experts were invited to give speeches on each topic, and as a joint effort with the students, innovative ideas and proposals will be illustrated, published, and exhibited to the citizens in the incoming future. Ms. Yang gave a presentation to a panel of government officials and developers on a variety of Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects’ signature projects in Asia, as well as her reflection on the design process, specifically the understanding of humanity hidden in different design elements, how the scale of curtain wall details influence the overall interpretation of the tower design in different contexts, and how design plays with light and shadow to enhance the spectacular appearance from exterior to interior.

“As China’s economy continues to beat expectations this
year, its second and third-tier cities are taking off to be the real growth
engines behind the scene. Hangzhou, for example, has been seeking every
opportunity to accelerate the urban and infrastructure development so as to
build its international reputation of a “World-Class City.” The workshop
clearly shows how committed the city is to looking for brilliant sustainable
designs from world-class architects,” says Ms. Yang.