Associate Principal Rob Narracci Speaks at International Conference

Associate Principal Rob Narracci was a key speaker at the 2018 Advanced Building Skins Conference in Bern, Switzerland. He spoke to an international audience of architects, academic researchers, engineers, and other design-related professionals about Parametric Design and Digital Fabrication, and its application on office towers.

Rob Narracci shared Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects’ recent
Porta Nuova Gioia project, a 23-floor office tower in Milan, Italy. This
project achieves 65% of its energy needs with renewable resources, such as
building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) and geothermal energy.

The Conference on Advanced Building Skins contributes to the multidisciplinary, integrated planning approach for those in the building industry to reduce energy consumption. Its 2018 conference was held October 1–October 2 and featured speakers from leading firms around the world, advocating for the advancement of building technology.