30 Hudson Street

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Jersey City, New Jersey, USA
1.6 million square feet / 150,000 square feet

This international financial firm’s headquarters complements the company’s offices in lower Manhattan and also plays a key role in the redevelopment of the Jersey City waterfront. The project includes a below-grade, 1,500-space parking garage the reconstruction of a waterfront pier.

The design of the tower responds to the unique conditions of this former industrial site and takes advantage of its prominent location across the Hudson River from Manhattan’s Financial District. The tower rises 40 stories from the pier and establishes a primary landmark in the nascent skyline of this emerging extension of Manhattan. The tower provides a focal point and anchor to the Morris Canal on the Hudson River waterfront.

In contrast to the adjacent towers, the elegant silhouette of the tower deliberately avoids a separate and distinct tower top. Instead, the form of the tower is very gradually transformed as it rises through subtle and simple massing setbacks. The tower reads as a simply sculpted, gently tapering singular form with a series of delicate facets that soften the building form and create a series of shadows and reflections that constantly change throughout the day.

The glass curtain wall is a delicate fabric of interwoven vertical and horizontal accents subtly designed to provide texture, detail and interest. These accents are deliberately intended to visually dissipate and to allow the facets of the exterior wall to animate and soften the overall massing of the tower. The glass used in the curtain wall facilitates an unusually high degree of transparency while simultaneously allowing for soft reflections of the Hudson River and the Manhattan skyline.