76 Trinity

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New York, New York, USA
317,000 square feet / 30,000 square meters

76 Trinity will be a modern complementary extension of Trinity Church—a historic parish originally built in 1698. At 445 feet tall, the tower will contain 27 floors of leasable office space and a 10-floor podium open to the community with gathering spaces, classrooms, meeting rooms, and Trinity Church’s offices on the uppermost three floors. The lower Manhattan office tower will directly connect to Trinity Church via a pedestrian bridge, preserved from its original 1989 design.

The tower features two connective lobbies at the street level—one dedicated to office on Greenwich Street, the other for the podium on Trinity place—both providing access to the podium, as well as the varying public spaces on the first five levels. The transparent façade of the lower levels encourages visual connections between the interiors and exteriors, displaying the church’s mission of inclusivity through architectural design. An outdoor terrace above the podium maximizes views of the church and churchyard.

As the façade moves upward, the glass becomes more reflective with minimized heat gain for a sustainable envelope performance. The tower’s curtain wall is a unitized, low-iron laminated glass with patterned frit on various panels. Sunshades are composed of custom metalwork and provide a striking and elegant accent to the windows.

The tower is designed for LEED Gold certification with better overall energy efficiency, including water use reduction (40% over LEED baseline). In addition, preventative measures for flooding in the at-risk area are designed, such as wet flood-proofing at egress stairs, flood barriers at entry doors, and a 27” tall curb at storefront and building perimeter.