777 Tower

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Los Angeles, California, USA
1.1 million square feet / 102,000 square meters

Located in one of the most prominent sites in the business district of Los Angeles, 777 Tower rises 53 stories. The building, visible from the Santa Monica and Harbor freeways, is one of downtown’s most graceful commercial high-rise structures and a landmark for the city. The tower was designed with a clear relationship to its site and is clad in light-colored materials of metal and glass instead of traditional stone in order to create subtle profiles and strong silhouettes.

The tower is bowed on the east and west sides. As the tower rises, its corners indent. Three setbacks, each articulated with flared accents, emphasize the building’s verticality and its solidity. Deeply sculptured forms capture the Southern California light and generate shadows and highlights along the tower shaft. Shadows are accentuated by the use of rounded mullions alternated with knife-edged surfaces against the sky. A pier system between the windows is composed of paired three-quarter round shapes divided by a rectangular fin that projects 33 centimeters (13 inches) from the glass line. To further enliven the sky, the piers are wider at the center of the elevation than at the edges. On the flat facades, the piers are narrower at the upper floors and mark the setbacks on the curved facades.

The building’s three-story lobby is glass-walled to the east and south, filling the interior with natural light. The lobby provides a connection from street level through a double height colonnade to the busy Seventh Street Plaza.

In 1996, 777 Tower was named Office Building of the Year by the Building Owners and Managers Association. In 1992, 777 Tower was named the Best New Structure by the Downtown Breakfast Club of Los Angeles and, in 1993, the Los Angeles Business Council awarded it Best High Rise Commercial.