Abeno Harukas

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Osaka, Japan
2.3 million square feet / 212,000 square meters

Abeno Harukas is an exciting new landmark for Abeno that will mark the southern gateway to Osaka. At 984 feet, the building is Japan’s tallest skyscraper and includes a hotel, offices, a museum and rooftop garden, Japan’s largest department store, and an observatory with sky garden. The tower is also connected directly to the Tennoji and Abenobashi stations on its lower, underground levels.

Occupying 14 above-ground floors and two below-ground, the Kintetsu Department Store Abeno is Japan’s largest department store and boasts the country’s largest total retail area. On the 16th floor, a new urban museum provides visitors to Osaka a taste of the art, history, and culture of Japan in an open, inviting space. The museum displays a variety of exhibits including modern art, historic Japanese art, and many cultural and historical artifacts representing areas along Kintetsu Railways routes. The museum also features a gift shop, café and rooftop garden lush with natural greenery.

At mid-rise level, the 18 office floors is among Osaka’s most spacious with an average of 25,800 square feet per floor. With unparallel views of the city, the offices feature state-of-the-art technology and facilities, open spaces with innovative and sustainable daylighting features, and natural materials and finishes throughout.

Above the office levels, a world-class hotel occupies 20 floors on the high-rise portion of the tower and rises to be Osaka’s highest hotel. Above the hotel, there are three floors dedicated to an observatory and sky garden. Reaching 984 feet, the observatory gives visitors a spectacular view of Osaka and the mountains beyond. The 360-degree panoramic view stretches from Mt. Ikoma to Kansai International Airport and Osaka Bay and all the way to the Rokko Mountains and the islands of Shikoku and Awaji.