Atago Green Hills

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Tokyo, Japan
969,000 square feet / 90,000 square meters

Atago Green Hills is a modern array of offices, residences, and shops in a park-like setting adjacent to Mount Atago. The project comprised the design of two 42-story towers — the Mori office tower and the Forest residential tower — and the redesign of a large public park to include the 500-year-old Seisho-ji Temple. Situated between two major business districts and adjacent to many hotels and embassies, Atago is an important business center for Tokyo.

Like the Forest Tower, the Mori Tower has a gently tapering form, starting as square at the base with chamfered corners at that gradually open as the tower rises. The Mori Tower is clad with a vertically organized painted aluminum curtain wall that becomes more taught as the tower ascends. The tubular metal elements of the curtain wall become smaller as the tower tapers, accenting the building’s height. Reflective glass alternates with spandrel glass. The spandrel glass has a ceramic frit pattern of white dots that decreases in density as the tower rises, making the tower appear more solid towards the base and more transparent and reflective towards the sky.

The Atago Green Hills development offers numerous amenities, including over 20restaurants, cafes and shops.The top floor of the Mori Tower features a restaurant with a view of the Atago area. Both towers provide high levels of comfort and safety, including advanced earthquake resistance.

In 2003, the project received an Award for Excellence from the Urban Land Institute.