Central Campus Master Plan, Duke University

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Durham, North Carolina, USA
50 acres / 20 hectares

The new Central Campus will be developed on 20 hectares between Duke University’s East and West campuses. The new campus will connect the more established university grounds, provide housing for 1,200 students and create academic space for the arts, humanities and international programs. The new campus will also be home to one or more centers for alumni, career planning, and visitors.

The scope of the master plan includes programming and placing buildings, defining open space, choosing key materials, and developing design guidelines, including strategies for environmental sustainability. Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects will design some of the buildings and help to identify and select architects to design others.

The new campus is sited along the main east-west campus drive near two prominent Duke landmarks: the Nasher Museum of Art and the Sarah P. Duke Garden. To encourage walking and bicycling, the plan separates automotive and pedestrian traffic. Dining, social, and recreational amenities will be sited along established travel routes. The plan also takes advantage of existing bus routes.

In accordance with the university’s sustainability goals, the project gives careful attention to protecting and expanding natural areas. Buildings will be constructed only on previously disturbed land and will be designed to attain a Silver LEED rating. Sustainable design approaches will include green roofs, the use and storage of rainwater, and building systems that conserve water and energy.