Cheung Kong Center

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Hong Kong, China
1.3 million square feet / 121,000 square meters

The design of this 62-story headquarters for Cheung Kong Holdings responds to two major project requirements: adherence to local regulations and the use of feng shui principles to determine some aspects of the design. The local planning authority established height and massing parameters for the site relative to two neighboring buildings, the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank to the west and the Bank of China to the east. A feng shui master suggested the building’s orientation, square plan configuration and the need for highly reflective cladding materials.

Designed with these factors, the building takes the form of a tall, elegant and well-proportioned square prism. The Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank and the Bank of China are both highly sculptured idiosyncratic forms, giving character to the skyline of Hong Kong. The form of the Cheung Kong Center does not attempt to compete with its neighbors. Rather, it establishes its presence through its simplicity and elegance.

The curtain wall is reflective glass modulated by a wrapping grid of stainless steel lines. The corners of the buildings are slightly chamfered to accentuate the tautness of the building envelope and the surface continuity of the stainless steel grid. At night, a dense pattern of light fixtures on the exterior of the building makes the tracery of the stainless steel grid glow softly in the night, defining the prismatic quality of the building form. A secondary, denser pattern of fiber optic lighting allows the illumination to change color and design during times of festivities. A bright edge of light crowning the top of the building accentuates the building’s form against the night sky.