Del Bosque

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Mexico City, Mexico
750,000 square feet / 70,000 square meters

Del Bosque comprises the 13-story North Latin American Headquarters for Coca-Cola, two 31-story residential towers, a 464-square-meter (5,000-square-foot) health club and a three-level below-grade parking facility. The four buildings are situated on a triangular piece of land in the Polanco District and have been designed with multi-curved plans that maximize the panoramic view of Chapultepec Park.

The headquarters building has a curved triangular plan form that responds to the geometry of the site and marks the corner of the block. The building is clad in Brazilian green granite, semi-reflective insulated glass and poly-fluorimer painted-aluminum curtain wall. The granite spandrels have recessed moldings to bring forward the glass wall and intensify the design intent of a taut skin.

The apartment buildings are twin towers designed as sculptural pylons with a multiple curved plan, setbacks and balconies to maximize views and enhance their residential quality. The buildings are clad in alternating bands of butt glazed glass and red pre-cast terrazzo spandrels with accents of glazed Mexican tiles.