Duke University Recreational Facilities

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Durham, North Carolina, USA
100,000 square feet / 9,000 square meters

Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects designed the master plan for Duke’s 108-acre athletics precinct and was the design consultant for three buildings there: Schwartz-Butters Athletic Center, Sheffield Tennis Center, and the Wilson Student Recreation Center. The plan maintains a district identity for the precinct while integrating it architecturally into Duke’s West Campus. The athletics buildings incorporate materials drawn from the campus such as Duke stone, brick, metal and glass.

Schwartz-Butters Athletic Center (1997−1999, 4,650 square meters/50,000 square feet) is an addition to Cameron Indoor Stadium and includes renovations to the building, a basketball arena opened in 1940. Schwartz-Butters contains the Duke Sports Hall of Fame, an academic center for varsity athletes, offices for coaches and staff, locker rooms, and basketball training facilities. The Hall of Fame incorporates the east wall of the stadium on the same level as the concourse. Locker rooms and training rooms are directly accessible from the court level. Designed as a pavilion, Schwartz-Butters highlights the main entrance of the stadium.

Sheffield Tennis Center (1998−2000, 4,090 square meters/44,000 square feet) houses six indoor courts for varsity practice, matches and recreational tennis. An adjacent building contains coaching staff offices, separate locker rooms for the tennis teams and the general academic community, and a reception hall. Sheffield anchors the southeastern corner of the West Campus recreational complex and provides an outdoor terrace overlooking the green space.

Wilson Student Recreation Center (1997−1999, 9,300 square meters/100,000 square feet) contains a swimming pool, gymnasium and running track. The new circular glass-and-aluminum stair tower is a focal point for the athletics plaza.