Edificio República

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Buenos Aires, Argentina
268,000 square feet / 25,000 square meters

Located on a triangular site, the República Building responds to its location on the edge to the city along the Rio de la Plata. The building marks the northern end of the row of blocks between Madero and Bouchard. It adapts itself to the triangular block with a broad convex curve towards the river, trying to join the urban wall of Madero Avenue where it ends at Bouchard Street. The gently curved form also opens the interior views towards Puerto Madero and the river.

The facades pointing toward the city conform to vertical planes that define the street space. Facing the Plaza Roma is a concave corner. A five-story cylindrical volume, a main entrance that faces Plaza Roma, and a terrace garden and offices with views toward the Plaza all accentuate the urban importance of the corner.

White aluminum panels and different types of glass (reflective, spandrel and patterned) alternate with metallic tubes that modulate the façade with shadows and reflections and accentuate its curved shape. On the upper floors, two continuous balconies reference the traditional architecture of Buenos Aires, while the solid base resembles the old arcades of Alem Avenue. On the ground level, a winter garden and an assembly room can be used together or separately for conferences, concerts, banquets and exhibitions. The winter garden opens toward a public plaza and a metal and glass canopy defines a transition space.

The garden’s sculptured shape is based on the triangular site as well as the tower form, offering a counterpoint to its curved façade. Landscape designer Balmori Associates focused the open space as a public garden, which is raised above street level to avoid noise and pollution. The garden is shaped like a ship’s deck, ending in an elevated keel with views toward the river. A double row of cypress and lapacho trees line Madero Avenue, while a line of sycamores defines its border over Bouchard Street.