Four Leaf Towers

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Houston, Texas, USA
1,000,000 square feet / 93,000 square meters

The two 40-story residential towers contain 400 residential units with four two-story penthouses. The twin towers are topped with truncated, pyramidal roofs that contain two-story penthouses with open corner terraces. The rich colors of the façade are interwoven to create a shiny, textural pattern. These reddish tints belong to the brick and terra cotta of the surrounding neighborhood. A formal garden with a lawn, shallow pools, paths and flowering shrubs connects the two towers.

The curtain wall is tinted vision glass with three colors of ceramic glass supported by a fixed fluoropolymer painted aluminum frame. Each building has a flat slab, reinforced concrete structural system.

Special features of the 3.8-hectare (9.5-acre) site include a swimming pool, tennis courts, gymnasium, saunas and landscaped gardens, with parking for 700 cars below grade and surface parking for another 70 cars.