Four Oaks Towers

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Houston, Texas, USA
1.7 million square feet / 160,000 square meters

Four Oaks consists of four office buildings: two 25-story towers of 500,000 square feet, a central 30-story 600,000 square-foot tower and a 12-story 120,000 square-foot headquarters building for Interfin Corporation. There is parking for 4,500 cars for the Towers, and a 490-car garage for the Interfin Corporate Headquarters.

The distinctive silhouettes of Four Oaks Towers were designed to be strong, recognizable visual anchors on the City’s skyline. The exterior facades are chamfered squares in plan, enclosed in a lightweight curtain wall of aluminum with shades of blue opaque ceramic glass and grey reflective vision glass. A connecting arcade links the towers at their base and provides access to the garage. They are the terminus of the north view of Post Oak Boulevard.