Lerner Research Institute

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Cleveland, Ohio, USA
39,000 square meters / 420,000 square feet

The Lerner Research Institute is the Cleveland Clinic’s center for biomedical research and education. It houses over 13,940 square meters (150,000 square feet) of laboratory, support, and administrative space, including 120 fully-equipped laboratories for the Department of Biomedical Engineering. It is also home to the Cleveland Clinic’s Department of Education and its Medical Library. The complex is designed to encourage a sense of community among its researchers and professionals, fostering a collaborative atmosphere where interdisciplinary connections can be made.

The Institute is a five-story building surrounding a public courtyard on three sides, open toward the main campus of the Clinic. The facades are composed of alternating bands of light-colored brick and continuous aluminum windows. Large vertical elements clad in glass and aluminum punctuate the composition, including a full-height rotunda that projects into the courtyard. An enclosed walkway atop a long arcade of aluminum columns defines the open side of the courtyard, separating it from the street. The arcade and walkway provide a sense of enclosure for the courtyard without undermining the Institute’s connection to the Clinic as a whole.

At the heart of the Institute is the Commons, a circular double-height interior at the base of the glass and aluminum rotunda. The Commons bustles with activity as researchers and students meet for coffee, have lunch at the adjoining cafeteria, or bump into each other as they move through the Institute. Similar gathering places are scattered through the complex, including seating groups outside of classrooms and labs and on the shaded roof deck. Natural light fills many of the public spaces and circulation routes, lifting spirits and drawing people out of their labs to foster informal interactions.

The Lerner Institute is home to the Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine of Case Western Reserve University, which includes the Clinic’s medical library, teaching and conference facilities, and administration and operations areas. The library occupies two levels and accommodates over 44,000 active medical journals, online medical data, and 12,000 medical titles. Approximately 1,000 current medical journals are displayed for browsing. Casual seating, study carrels, and individual study rooms are provided, with access to the campus network available at each location.