Medical and Research Translation (MART) Building and New Bed Tower

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Stony Brook, New York, USA
505,000 square feet / 47,000 square meters

Developed for translational healthcare, the Medical and Research Translation (MART) Building and New Bed and Support Tower brings together new and existing facilities for Stony Brook Medicine, which will expand healthcare services and research in the Long Island region.

The project comprises a cancer center, research center, bed tower, and advanced medical education facilities. Designed in conjunction with the recladding of the original medical center designed by Bertrand Goldberg in the 1960s, the project will create a new visual identity for the medical campus. The 20-story bed tower will house state-of-the-art inpatient bed accommodations, Stony Brook Children’s Hospital, expanded dining and other public facilities. The eight-story MART Building will accommodate cancer research, advanced medical imaging, and cancer care. The education center includes a modern 300-seat auditorium for live and distance education and community outreach programs. Shared by the MART and the Bed Tower, the auditorium sits between the two buildings creating a continuous public corridor. The new buildings have a strong connection to the original medical center, centralizing healthcare services that are easily accessible from multiple entrances.

The MART will be the research focal point of the medical campus, creating a distinct identity for the University’s efforts in cutting edge research. The main façade of MART is a striking glass curtain wall with a vertical stripe pattern. From the south, a metal panel system wraps around the building and continuous strip windows highlight the research lab areas. The bed tower features a glass building envelope to complement the recladding of the Goldberg inpatient bed towers. The new bed tower has a minimalist curtain wall that features a strong horizontal metal reveal at each level to provide contrast to the MART façade. To give the auditorium a strong identity, its front façade features the Stony Brook logo in a red ceramic frit pattern printed onto the glass surface. The façade serves as signage for the buildings and marks the auditorium entrance.