NHK Osaka Broadcasting Center

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Osaka, Japan
250,000 square feet / 23,000 square meters

The NHK Osaka Broadcasting Centeroverlooks two important historical sites: the Osaka Castle Park and the ruins of Naniwanomiya Palace. The broadcasting center, the Osaka operations of Japan’s public broadcasting corporation, is connected to the Osaka Museum of History by a 20,000-square-foot spherical atrium with a ceiling that soars to 115 feet. This generously-sized public space hosts events and serves as shared entrance hall for the museum, the television studios and a concert hall. Archeological specimens from the Naniwanomiya Palace are also displayed here.

The 18-story broadcasting center tower is comprised of vertically stacked multimedia studios and offices. The lower six floors of the tower incorporate a 1,400-seat multipurpose concert hall to be used for live broadcasts and recordings. The tower is clad in metal and lightly reflective glass to express the image of NHK and to contrast with the granite-clad Osaka Museum of History.