Owens Corning World Headquarters

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Toledo, Ohio, USA
400,000 square feet / 37,000 square meters

The Owens Corning World Headquarters is located on a peninsula bound by Swan Creek and the Maumee River directly adjacent to the heart of Toledo’s business center. With a campus-like environment for 1,100 employees, the facility reflects contemporary ideas of the ideal workplace.

The building is a group of components linked by glass-enclosed connectors. A sinuous form clad in glass, the workplace component follows the river’s curves and provides optimal views of the water as well as access to daylight. The open floor plan supports the company’s organizational structure. A raised floor system stores air conditioning ducts, power outlets and cables, providing mobility, easy reconfiguration of workstations and accommodation of a state-of-the-art HVAC system. Each workstation has an adjustable floor vent for individual climate modulation. Adjacent to the workplace, the three-story glass atrium and glass-clad stair encourages interaction among staff members.

The ancillary components—conference center, dining hall, training and wellness center—are clad in various colors of glazed brick to provide a textural contrast. Each component has access to a central courtyard which hosts uses ranging from symphony orchestra performances to intimate dining and business meetings. The centrally-located lobby is topped with a striking porcelain enamel panel roof form punctuated with small clerestory windows. Its angled and curved shape and red color is inspired by the Owens Corning corporate logo. The changes in materials, colors and textures emphasize the campus feel of the design.

The interior materials are simple and durable, reflecting the corporation’s policy and image. The lobby has a granite floor with back-lit cascading plaster walls topped with the roof form’s ceramic tile. The public areas have either terrazzo or carpet on the floor, with acoustic tile ceiling and gypsum board walls. The workplace and ancillary areas have carpet or rubber tile floors, acoustic tile ceilings and gypsum board walls.

In collaboration with glass artist Thomas Patti, artwork has been integrated throughout the building. Patti used Owens Corning’s glass fiber and thread to create a number of site-specific installations.