Pacific Design Center, Green Building

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West Hollywood, California, USA
470,000 square feet / 44,000 square meters

The Green Building is an expansion of the Pacific Design Center, which started with the iconic Blue Building. The Pacific Design Center building was originally envisioned as a single, free-standing structure to house showrooms for the interior design trades. Today, it is a multi-building complex that includes offices for the design, entertainment and arts industries.

Expanding the Pacific Design Center raised the issue of how to add to such a distinctive landmark. Because of the isolated form of the original building, the additions were designed as a series of oversized fragments to form a collection of pieces. The Green Building is unique in shape and color, although materials, scale and detailing correspond to the first building. Both buildings are organized as a series of stacked two-level atria. The buildings connect at the terrace and first floor levels.

The Green Building originally included showrooms parking for 1,900 cars, a conference center with auditorium, and a public plaza. The project also included a 300-seat amphitheater on the plaza, along with a 465-square-meter (5,000-square-foot) gallery, now an outpost of the Museum of Contemporary Art. Offices were later added. A third phase, the Red Building, completes the Pacific Design Center.