Parcel F

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San Francisco, California, USA
1.1 million square feet / 102,000 square meters

Parcel F Tower will be a stunning addition to the skyline of San Francisco, seen from the city to the bay. The 62-story tower will accommodate a mixed-use program with a luxury hotel, office space, residences, and multi-level shared amenities and retail spaces.

Gently curved corners and a series of setbacks on its east and west sides become increasingly slender as it ascends. In the south and north façades, the slenderness of the tower is accentuated by vertical white piers that are reminiscent of San Francisco’s remarkable historic buildings, such as the Pacific Bell tower. The west and east façades feature a horizontal detail while a series of transparent gradients express the different components of the program. The curved corners of the tower offer a streamlined and transparent expression that softens the overall massing. As the tower reaches its top, the vertical piers progressively transform themselves into an elegant latticework, highlighted by concave glass to create an elegant and iconic crown that will be softly lit at night.

The tower features a skybridge connecting to the Salesforce Transit Center and its 5.4-acre public rooftop park, also designed by Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects.

Anticipated for completion in 2022, Parcel F will be a 62-story mixed-use tower with a 190-room luxury hotel, 325,000-square-foot of office space, 165 condos—49 percent of which will be affordable housing per San Francisco requirements—and nearly 90,000-square-feet of multi-level shared amenities and retail spaces. On the ground-level will be a public plaza.

Public art, intuitive wayfinding, and extensive dining and retail options enliven the area to encourage street activity into the urban development. This will also enliven neighboring buildings that are adjacent to the transit center with ease of access to the 11 transit networks and the future high-speed rail.

Parcel F’s office and residential program will present generous views of the city from stepped terraces, allowing connection to the city framework in a luxurious setting.