Shanghai Huaneng Headquarters Tower

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Shanghai, China
538,000 square feet / 50,000 square meters

Shanghai Huaneng Headquarters Tower will contain the primary offices of one of China’s largest state-owned electric utilities in the new business district on the former site of Expo 2010 Shanghai. In addition to the headquarters of this Fortune 500 company, the two-building complex will include corporate offices for lease and a distinctive entry court.

In keeping with the scale the master plan specifies for the site, the complex comprises two midrise office towers, 10 and 14 stories tall. Multiple bridges connect the towers, forming an elliptical court. The taller of the two towers steps back once, creating an accessible green roof for the Huaneng headquarters that connects to the green roof of tenant office tower.

The court creates a grand sense of arrival at the building’s main entrance and functions as a centralized drop-off. At the center of the courtyard is a cone-shaped skylight, bringing daylight into the multipurpose common room below. Adding to this sense of arrival are light-filled, multi-story lobbies finished with glass, light-colored stone, wood and stainless steel.

The primarily stone curtain wall of the building’s exterior contrasts a lighter and more glassy wall in the courtyard. The curtain wall at the outer edge of the building is composed of transparent glass with piers of buff-colored granite, spandrels of green granite, and stainless steel mullions. Curved glass and stainless steel tubes form the articulated and rounded corners.

The building is being designed for the highest rating under GBAS, China’s sustainable design evaluation system, and includes a centralized rain-water collecting system and rooftop photovoltaic panels.