St. Luke’s Medical Tower

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Houston, Texas, USA
1 million square feet / 93,000 square meters

Clad in silver reflective glass, St. Luke’s Medical Tower is a sophisticated, state-of-the-art medical facility and teaching hospital. The tower straddles the block between the city’s two major streets, Fannin and Main. Twin octagonal towers are a response to this dual frontage and help define the urban environment.

The primary challenge in designing the form, massing and exterior of the tower was to capture the spirit and character of Houston and the adjacent Texas Medical Center. The design draws strength from the tower’s taut reflective skin, responds the city’s sense of the future. The silver glass is accentuated with white metal mullions, cornice rails and spires. The circular roofs and spires bring each tower to a dynamic terminus.

The tower is clad with reflective vision and spandrel glass. The octagonal silver glass forms, white metal mullions, cornice rails and spires establish the structure as a distinctive addition to the Texas Medical Center. Although the exterior of the tower appears extroverted in its surroundings, once inside, visitors experience a remarkably inviting and warm lobby, paneled in cherry wood and marble. From the lobby, visitors have access to waiting rooms, nine floors of parking for 1,350 cars, four floors of ambulatory care and 15 floors of physician’s offices.