Taussig Cancer Center

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Cleveland, Ohio, USA
175,000 square feet / 16,000 square meters

The Cleveland Clinic’s Taussig Cancer Center is a full-service treatment and research facility designed to provide cancer patients a location for all of their diagnostic and therapeutic needs and an integrated, collaborative environment for physicians and researchers.

The Center includes many conveniences for patients, including on-site digital diagnostic scanning, a pharmacy, and a resource center with online access and a nurse-oncologist available to provide information. Patients and their families can relax in an outdoor garden. Private treatment rooms and a silent paging system reduce noise to promote a nurturing environment.

The Taussig Cancer Center brings together scientists and clinicians to encourage the development of new therapies and to speed their application to patient care. At the same time, the Center enhances clinical collaboration among the various specialists who treat cancer by providing more space for the care and treatment of patients. Collaborative care is a hallmark of the Cleveland Clinic model of medicine.

The siting of the four-story, state-of-the-art building creates a new western entrance to the Cleveland Clinic campus and re-establishes an east-west pedestrian corridor along Euclid Avenue for the city. The materials of the building continue the tradition of stone- and metal-clad Clinic structures. On the interior, the design creates a tranquil atmosphere for patients and their families by bringing natural light and fresh air into treatment rooms and waiting areas, as well as by providing an enclosed garden and a large atrium for their use. The building was designed so that a maximum number of patient and exam rooms would have windows. The floor plan maximizes the efficiency of the clinic and treatment areas and is reflected in external architectural gestures that facilitate patient orientation. Each floor supports areas for treatment, clinical services, administration, and laboratories.