Torre Banco Macro

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Buenos Aires, Argentina
570,000 square feet / 53,000 square meters

The Torre Banco Macro headquarters building occupies one of the last available lots of Catalinas Norte, an important business district in downtown Buenos Aires. The thirty-story tower is adjacent to Torre BankBoston, also designed by Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects.

The building is nearly oval in plan, which allows it to fit comfortably into its irregularly shaped five-sided site. Towards mid-height, the massing starts to gently curve inward, creating an undulation that increases as the tower rises. The resulting sculptured top presents a curved profile that tilts towards the city and the river, creating a highly recognizable silhouette.

The building’s reflective glass curtain wall has a smooth and taut appearance. Even though the façade is faceted, the reduced module size and the careful design of the horizontal stainless steel bullnoses that highlight every floor line, create the appearance of a softly curved surface. At the top of the building, the glass panels are cold-bent to follow the subtle warpage of the façade.

Office occupants and bank customers enter through a magnificent lobby that features an elaborate stone floor, glass walls, and a parabolic skylight that creates a luminous and welcoming interior. A curved marble stair leads to a 200-seat auditorium, which is located below grade.

In addition to executive and administrative offices, the tower accommodates a cafeteria, a gymnasium, retail banking and a coffee shop. The top two floors are dedicated to the presidential offices. These triple- eight spaces offer breathtaking views towards the river and the city.

Incorporating high-performance building systems and sustainable materials, the building aims to achieve a LEED Gold rating.