Torre BankBoston

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Buenos Aires, Argentina
484,000 square feet / 45,000 square meters

The BankBoston headquarters is located in the Catalinas Norte district in downtown Buenos Aires. Two main avenues border this area. To the north is Avenida Madero, facing the river, and to the south is Avenida Alem, which defines the beginning of the traditional urban fabric.

The Catalinas Norte district design guidelines favor prismatic towers with simple lines and clearly delineated edges. The design of the BankBoston headquarters reinterprets these guidelines in a contemporary spirit. The 29-story tower starts from the base as a very simple volume and acquires sculptural forms as it reaches the sky. A series of setbacks with increasingly slanted walls and a counter-sloped cap create a distinct profile in the skyline. Not a mute prism, the building has become a place marker that enriches the character of the city.

The curtain wall is taut and lively. Its complex two-directional pattern is formed by series of half-round horizontal and vertical mullions. The clear anodized aluminum tartan grid of the mullions plays with the reflective glass surface of the tower, making a dynamic form. The building cap has a different expression because it houses the telecommunication equipment. Its dark glass surface is transparent to the transmission of microwave signals and contrasts with the building’s wall, providing the tower with an appropriately ceremonial terminus against the sky.

The landscape design for the BankBoston Headquarters building has two distinct and separate pieces: the garden and the entrance court. The garden, accessible from the cafeteria and visible from higher floors and main lobby, is layered with green vegetation on its sides and back wall. A fountain of running water on one of its walls helps bring tranquility to the space and masks the sound of traffic. The entrance court has a design of patterned and textured surfaces, comprising water, greenery and paving. It offers a beautiful and serene forefront to the building’s main entrance on Avenida Alem.