Torre Costanera

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Santiago, Chile
1.2 million square feet / 110,000 square meters

At 300 meters (980 feet), Torre Costanera is not only the tallest building in Santiago, it is the tallest building in Latin America. Rising along the Mapocho River and the Costanera Norte expressway, only the distant peaks of the Andes rival the tower’s scale and power.

Torre Costanera houses the headquarters of Cencosud, one of Latin America’s largest retail companies. Located in the Providencia district, the financial and cultural hub of Santiago, the 64-story tower is truly a building of the 21st century, both technically and aesthetically. A state-of-the-art structural system gives the tower an unprecedented level of protection in the event of an earthquake. In addition, Torre Costanera uses many green technologies, including a high-performance curtain wall and high-efficiency mechanical systems. And in a first for Latin America, the building has computer-controlled double-decker elevator, the most efficient way of circulating people through a tall building.

The tower’s design is a contemporary composition of faceted glass walls. Tapering as they rise skyward, the walls pull apart at the tower’s corners, revealing their thin profile and reducing the building’s bulk. Each wall is folded slightly at its centerline, creating a ridge that runs to the top of the tower. Torre Costanera is a modern take on the obelisk form, replete with crisp edges and long lines. At the top, the tower’s four walls project into the sky and surround a latticed crown—when lit at night, it’s a glowing beacon for all of Santiago.