Torre YPF

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Buenos Aires, Argentina
840,000 square feet / 78,000 square meters

With its prismatic form, clean lines, and dramatic winter garden, the headquarters for YPF—one of the world’s top energy companies—is a dignified corporate symbol and a modern landmark for Buenos Aires.

The 37-story tower stands apart from the busy streets and avenues of Buenos Aires, its full height visible from all sides. Located in the stylish neighborhood of Puerto Madero and visible from the historic Plaza de Mayo, the tower is by the Costanera Sur, the Buenos Aires ecological reserve, and the broad waters of the Rio de la Plata.

The tower’s form is generated from the interlocking shapes of a triangle and a square, rotated 45 degrees from one another and extruded skyward. The result is a single, unified composition. The floor plates of each volume curve gently outward, causing the glass-and-steel skin to appear stretched across the building’s surface.

While the two halves of the building share an aesthetic spirit, they are subtly differentiated. The triangular volume, reminiscent of a ship’s prow, points toward the river; the square form faces the city. The river-facing side is nearly all glass and has a lightly reflective finish and a fine pattern of horizontal lines that accentuates its visual presence. The elevation toward the city has a grid of stainless-steel panels surrounding rectangular windows of glass.

The tower’s most distinctive feature is its six-story winter garden. Located near the tower’s top, the winter garden has an emblematic presence on the façade. Several large jacaranda trees occupy the space. At night, lit from within and visible from afar, the winter garden is a symbol for clean energy and the natural setting of Buenos Aires.