Senior Associate Celia Featured Guest at Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey

Senior Associate Celia Toche led Advanced Studio
Workshops and a Masters of Architecture class for Instituto Tecnológico de
Monterrey at three of its campuses: 
Estado de Mexico, Mexico City, and Santa Fe. Celia’s keynote
presentation “Beyond LEED & WELL:
Five Sustain-Abilities in Contemporary Practice
” was enthusiastically
received by students and faculty.

Her class featured a visit to the construction of Pelli
Clarke Pelli Architects-designed Torre Mitikah, projected to become the city’s
tallest building, in Centro de Coyoacán for which Celia is the Project
Manager.  Comprising close to a half-million-square-meters,
the Ciudad Mítikah development is the largest construction endeavor in Latin
America today.

Celia Toche also participated in several discussions with leaders of the institution about the role of architecture in an urban and professional context and the future of architecture pedagogies. In addition to addressing contemporary practice and pedagogical aspirations, Celia’s visit brought a view of the evolving tools for a sustainable practice, emphasizing the impact architectural design has on the human experience.

This is part of Celia Toche’s continuing work with higher education and architectural design. Recently, she lectured at the Universidad Católica de Colombia on “Cultural Legacy and Contemporary Design” and is currently teaching the course Systems Integration at the Yale School of Architecture.