Pelli Clarke & Partners Present at The Architectural Ceramics Assembly Workshop

12 August 2022

For the fourth time, the Architectural Ceramics Assembly Workshop (ACAW) has invited Pelli Clarke & Partners’ Craig Copeland and Pedja Bilinac to present at the event. Craig and Pedja will share their research on the increasing need for outdoor/urban furniture at this year’s workshop. Their study focuses on using terracotta for freestanding, modular elements that can define and support outdoor activities. After considering a broad range of approaches, Craig and Pedja decided to concentrate on slip cast methods to better accommodate self-supporting terracotta fabrications in-the-round.

Now in its seventh year, the Architectural Ceramic Assemblies Workshop is the paramount venue for innovation and architectural terra cotta. Presentations will share design studies from eight architectural firms who have developed terra cotta solutions for a variety of architectural applications. Presentations will be held on August 18th via online webinar. You can register for the event here: Registration