Designing the way forward

Pelli Clarke & Partners designs buildings and spaces that inspire and transform communities worldwide.

Based in New Haven and New York City, our Partners lead interdisciplinary teams of architects, designers, and technical experts across the globe. Diverse perspectives, focused engagement, and empathy fuel our design process.

From our founding in 1977, Cesar Pelli instilled a culture of creativity and innovation. We proudly carry this legacy forward as we redefine possibilities for living, working, and learning in a changing world.

Defining the future of placemaking

Transformative architecture is born from deep engagement with the unique circumstances of purpose and place. We work side-by-side with our clients to create buildings and spaces that embody their core values and expand possibility. The same studio team is dedicated to each project for its duration, ensuring meticulous development from start to finish.

Advancing better communities

Stewardship is the driving force behind everything we do. We have an important responsibility to design buildings and spaces that enhance people’s lives and make a positive difference in the world.

Each new building and public space is a single piece of a city — a part of a community that exists today and a part that belongs to the future. We believe successful buildings and spaces are thoughtful citizens, making sustained contributions to the culture, function, and wellbeing of the communities they serve.

A culture of intelligent collaboration

Cesar Pelli created a legacy of creativity and investigation we proudly carry forward today. Transformative architecture is achieved through a spirited exchange that encourages all participants to pose questions and contribute ideas. This rigorous but open and responsive design process began with Cesar’s insistence that we have no “signature style” and that each building must be seen as unique.

Our work today is fueled by inclusivity and collaboration — our working method is to create an energetic, inspiring environment in which diverse perspectives are fully explored.

Protecting our shared future

Sustainable principles are at the center of our design process and protect our shared future. From concept to construction, we make forward-looking decisions that respond to urgent realities of climate change and advance the resilience of cities worldwide.

Sustainability is an ecosystem of complex interrelationships that defies easy answers. We approach it as a holistic experience — for a building to be sustainable, it must be economically viable and ensure a stronger, cleaner, and healthier future for all of us.

  • First LEED Gold and Platinum residential high-rise in the United States
  • First LEED Platinum tower in Spain
  • First LEED Gold building at Yale University
World Financial Center, New York
New York, NY, USA
New York, NY, USA
Hotel Jen Qianhai
Shenzhen, China
171 Dartmouth Street
Boston, MA, USA



Associate Principals

Senior Associates


  • Alejandra Alonso

  • Shantal Chahin

  • Patrick Cheah

  • Ryan DeSilva, Associate AIA

  • Ingrid Liu, AIA, LEED AP BD+C

  • Antonio Medina, Associate AIA

  • Elizabeth Pierce

  • Javier Sols


  • Brandon Brooks

  • Nun Cungbik

  • Michael Delgado

  • Shelby Dolan

  • Aida Muhibic

  • Kyle O'Quinn

  • Sam Park

  • Paulette Pascarella

  • Claudio Perez

  • Zachary Petrus

  • Shangfeng Rao

  • Arman Salemi

  • Wenzhu Shentu

  • Olivia Sklyarova

  • Yizhen Wang

  • Chen Xiang

  • Hao Xu

  • Hannah Yang

  • Tianhui Zhang


  • Jaden Pressman

Marketing and Communications

  • Max Waldman

    Director of Business Development and Communications

  • Sharif Aggour

    Senior Marketing Coordinator

  • Nicole Bouchard

    Marketing Coordinator

  • Nicholas Clinton

    Senior Graphic Designer

  • Lucky Coffey

    Communications Coordinator

Office Staff

  • Kim DiRaffaele


  • Betsey Dunham


  • Mya Freeman

  • Jim Martin

    Facilities Manager

  • Jim Owens

    IT Manager

  • Heather Pumphrey

    Project Accountant

  • Stephanie Rideout

    HR Coordinator

  • Sara Rubenstein

    Director of Operations

  • Regina Spivey

    Studio Manager, New York

  • Cynthia Trotta

    Executive Assistant

China — Directors

China — Senior Project Managers

  • Tina Liu

China — Project Managers

  • Chen Chen

  • Wei Han

  • Chen Huang

  • Jun Park

  • Ke Tang

China — Senior Designers

  • Bruce He

  • Kuan Liu

  • Yibo Zhong

China — Designers

  • Tianyuan Deng

  • Yiqing Tong

  • Haiying Wang

  • Xiaoling Wang

China — Office Staff

  • Sophia Shi

  • Wendy Wang

  • Mengxuan Zou

Japan — Affiliated Office

  • Jun Mitsui, AIA, JIA

    Founder, Jun Mitsui & Associates Inc. Architects



Design excellence is the ethos that drives our work. We have been internationally recognized with nearly 500 awards in shaping transformational architecture, including over 90 design awards from national, regional, and local chapters of the American Institute of Architects (AIA).

Selected awards

  • American Institute of Architects: Firm Award
  • American Institute for Architects: Gold Medal to Cesar Pelli
  • Aga Khan Award for Architecture
  • Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat: Best tall building worldwide


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We are always looking for talented people to join our team. We have employment opportunities in our New Haven, New York, Shanghai, and Shenzhen offices.

Please contact for the New Haven, Shanghai, and Shenzhen offices and for the New York office.

Emails should include a resume and work samples.