Fred Clarke is Keynote Speaker at Building Economy Summit

21 February 2020

On December 17, 2019, the Kunming Building Economy Summit was successfully held in Kunming, P.R. China. Senior Principal Fred Clarke, Principal David Chen, and Senior Associate Chin-Ming Chang attended the forum together with client representatives from China Overseas Land & Investment Ltd. and China Overseas Office Capital.

Fred Clarke delivered a keynote speech on the design concept and process of China Overseas Huanchen Business Center, the leading office tower situated at the front of the China Overseas Kunming Universal Center development. The Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects’ design integrates timeless architecture with historical and geographical characteristics of Kunming city and the Wujiaba site, as part of a contemporary work-live community. David Chen spoke about the ways building economy may contribute to rapid and sustainable urban growth during the panel discussion. “Architecture is the three-dimensional culture of a city, its solidified characteristic, and thus it plays an essential role in the cultivation of industries and the general development of the city. On the other hand, the level of urban development leads to the required standard for building quality”, says David Chen.

Previously, the China Overseas Universal Center project held a press release in Kunming in November 2019. The 220m-tall office tower is currently in the stage of VMU construction and inspection, and is expected to complete in 2022.