Pelli Clarke & Partners to partner with The Architect’s Newspaper for the 2023 Facades+ Conference

22 March 2023

Pelli Clarke & Partners will be partnering with The Architect’s Newspaper for the 2023 Facades+ conference in New York City on March 30-31. Facades+ continues to bring together the world’s most talented building professionals for a premier conference on high performance building enclosures. We will be presenting on the topics below:

  • Trinity Commons: Designing a Gothic-Inspired Transparent Façade: Senior Associate Celia Toche will be joined by Jose Mendoza, Associate Partner from Gilsanz Murray Steficek to discuss the delivery of Trinity Commons.
  • Fabrication Futures: Advances in Materials for Building Envelope Excellence: Partner Darin Cook will participate in this roundtable and discuss how architects can work together with manufacturers to build with latest technologies within the industry.
  • High Performance Housing: Energy, Community, and Envelope Design: Senior Associate Pedja Bilinac will participate in this panel discussion, which will cover approaches to designing the façade of a community facing building and in including the owner’s perspective, will delve into the process of delivering a passivehouse residential project with an affordable housing provider.
  • ( P )ReClad: Exploring Iconic 20th Century Facades Through 21st Century Prefab and Reclad Strategies: Partner Craig Copeland and Senior Associate Pedja Bilinac will help lead this workshop in tandem with BuroEhring, and Walter P Moore. The teams will identify and adjust key facade elements of the original designs to accommodate contemporary energy standards, ease of assembly and installation, and natural ventilation, amongst other topics.

Partner Craig Copeland will provide the opening address along with Diana Darling, President of The Architect’s Newspaper. Associate Principal Graham Banks will moderate a session about complex facade systems, organization, and execution. Delivering the closing remarks, Associate Principal Kristin Hawkins will join Diana Darling at the conclusion of the first day.

To find out more about this conference and to register to attend, please visit: