Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects Announces Renaming to Pelli Clarke & Partners

9 November 2021

New Haven, CT – Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects announces the renaming of the award-winning firm to Pelli Clarke & Partners as it honors the firm’s legacy and continue its vision for the future. Together, Fred Clarke and Rafael Pelli along with ten other exceptional Partners are proud to lead Pelli Clarke & Partners into the bright future.

Pelli Clarke & Partners is known for designing some of the world’s most iconic buildings. The firm’s portfolio includes critically-acclaimed buildings such as Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, the International Finance Center in Hong Kong, and Salesforce Transit Center in San Francisco.

Pelli Clarke & Partners designs transformative buildings and public spaces that connect people and place – earning the firm hundreds of international awards for design excellence, as well as coveted awards from national, regional, and local chapters of the American Institute of Architects (AIA).

Continuing their commitment to excellence by creating imaginative buildings that honor a city and energize its communities, Pelli Clarke & Partners has several new projects on the horizon. “We’re looking toward our bright future here at Pelli Clarke & Partners and are thrilled that a number of transformative projects will open their doors in 2022,” said Fred Clarke, Founder and Partner at Pelli Clarke & Partners. “We’re delighted that the coming year brings the grand opening of Texas Tower in Houston, Salesforce Tower Chicago, and the Chengdu Museum of Natural History in China. These projects celebrate the innovative spirit and contemporary ethos in the heart of their respective cities.”

Founded by Cesar Pelli with partners Fred Clarke and Diana Balmori in 1977, the firm began its legacy as Cesar Pelli & Associates at its first office in New Haven, Connecticut – the location that remains its flagship office today. In 2000, Rafael Pelli established the New York office. In recognition of the significant contributions of its senior designers, the firm name became Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects in 2005. Over the next two decades, the firm further developed its international scope - opening offices in Tokyo, Shanghai and most recently, Shenzhen in 2020.

Always a visionary, Cesar Pelli laid the groundwork for growth and transition to occur organically. Inspired by his time working with Eero Saarinen, Cesar fostered a studio environment that encouraged active participation, sharing of ideas and complete collaboration across the entire firm. When Cesar Pelli passed away in 2019, the Partners were already carrying on Cesar’s vision as the next generation of leadership at the helm.

With five offices around the world, and a portfolio of current projects that will transform cities over the next decade, the firm is strengthened by its cohesive leadership and the team’s ability to work across geographic and cultural boundaries.

“All of us at Pelli Clarke & Partners are proud to carry our legacy forward, rooted in a rigorous, open, and responsive design process,” said Rafael Pelli, Partner at Pelli Clarke & Partners. “Our new name celebrates our deeply collaborative culture as we continue our legacy of creating sustainable and inspiring environments that transform communities around the world.”

The name, Pelli Clarke & Partners, introduces a new wordmark, website and energy that reflect the well-established, highly regarded reputation of the firm while continuing its technical proficiency and visionary perspective. Pelli Clarke & Partners is pleased to share their design heritage story with a video that can be viewed at

To learn more about the Pelli Clarke & Partners legacy, their vision, and projects, please visit

Pelli Clarke & Partners designs buildings and spaces that inspire and transform communities worldwide. Based in New Haven and New York City, principals lead interdisciplinary teams of architects, designers, and technical experts across the globe. The firm’s portfolio of work includes iconic buildings such as the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood, and Salesforce Transit Center in San Francisco. Diverse perspectives, deep engagement, and empathy fuel the firm’s design process. From its founding in 1977, Cesar Pelli instilled a culture of creativity and innovation, and the firm proudly carries this legacy forward by designing new possibilities for living, working, and learning in a changing world.