Seamlessly tailored to the city’s past, present and future, Yibin’s new master plan gives rise to an exciting new urban destination

Yibin, China

Pelli Clarke & Partners, in collaboration with Sichuan Provincial Architectural Design and Research Institute, won an international design competition for the comprehensive master plan of the new Yibin High Speed Rail Station Gateway Development in China. Exploring innovative solutions to complex local conditions, paying respect to the local culture, and skillfully integrating the unique geographical context, the design is future-forward and contributes to the development of Yibin from a lay-over station to a prominent urban destination.

Historically significant trading port on Yangtze River (万里长江第一城) will be revitalized by a contemporary transit oriented development on the high speed railway.
“We are honored and excited to be working with Yibin City to realize their vision for the future.”
- David Chen, AIA

Design celebrates a culturally rich heritage  

The central showcase of the development is a fully integrated, multi-layered green park with a collection of multi-functional pavilions. Conforming to the spectacular karst topography created by the Yangtze River tributaries, a central park creates an undulating landform integrating flexible workplaces within an ecologically sustainable environment. The central park provides a restful and playful environment for local residents and tourists, and the park’s architectural focus is a cultural museum, designed to showcase Yibin's long history and rich heritage of ancient poetry. 

Future-forward approach supports sustainable economic growth  

The concept for Yibin Station is to create the density and intensity of a vital urban context. A state-of-the-art shopping center becomes the necessary seed for sustainable economic growth. It will serve the visitors arriving through high-speed-rail as well as the daily needs of the growing neighborhood. Other planned functions adjacent to the new train station are hotel and serviced apartments that provide support and needed amenities in the newly formed urban center and for the anticipated growth in population.  

Central park form massing
Many areas preserve the existing Karst landform with multi-level commercial spaces that are fully integrated with the landscape and greenery.

More About the Project

Project Team

Principal Collaborators

  • Joint Design Team: Sichuan Provincial Architectural Design and Research Institute Co., LTD. (SIADR)

Project Information

  • Location: Yibin, China
  • Client: Yibin City and Transportation Construction Investment Group Co., Ltd.
  • Size: Master Plan - 836,000 sq. m. / 8,998,629 sq. ft.
  • Completion: 2025
  • Firm Role: Design Architect and Master Planners
  • Renderings and Animation courtesy of Shining SNT