ARIA Resort and Casino

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Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
6.1 million square feet / 567,000 square meters

The ARIA Resort and Casino is the centerpiece of CityCenter, an urban development on a 27-hectare (66-acre) site fronting the Las Vegas Strip. The 4,000-room hotel and casino is the tallest structure in CityCenter. Constructed of steel and glass, the shimmering towers reflect the changing sky and the lights of Las Vegas.

The 353,000-square-meter (3.8-million-square-foot) hotel-casino complex comprises two counterpoising, curvilinear towers joining to form an open center. The curved plan creates gently arched corridors, filled with natural light, which give the appearance of a shorter distance from the elevators to the guest rooms.

Visitors enter the building under a textured and faceted grand glass canopy. East of the hotel tower is a casino, retail area, and dining, bar, and lounge space. West of the towers is an 1,800-seat theater with a layered, three-dimensional façade. Just past the theater is a three-level conference center. With its glass façade, the conference center is filled with natural light and has views of the landscaped pool area. Opposite the convention center is a two-level spa building clad in Las Vegas red meta quartzite stone.

ARIA is the world’s largest hotel to achieve a LEED Gold rating. The building’s primary energy-saving feature is its curtain wall, which uses a new generation of glass coatings that allow maximum daylight while blocking internal heat gain. Sunshades also reduce glare, while the exterior envelope minimizes demand for cooling.

Water efficiency is also a key achievement. More than 117,000 cubic meters (31 million gallons) of water are saved throughout the resort each year. This includes savings of 40 percent in the hotel and 60 percent for landscape irrigation by U.S. standards.

In addition to LEED, ARIA received the highest rating from the Green Key Eco-Rating Program for sustainable hotel operations.