Cabin Stack Prefab

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Batulao, Philippines

Cabin|Stack|Prefab (C|S|P), as the name suggests, is a prefabricated home system composed of stacked (and interlocking) cabins. The result is bigger living on a smaller footprint.

Building upon principals of the mid-20th Century Case Study houses, C|S|P efficiently composes factory fabricated components, into a variety of 2-story and 3-story options, raging from 92 to 170 square meters (990 to 1,800 square feet). The exterior includes high-performance modular panels that come in a variety of materials and colors, including: vision glass with integrated louvers, insulated wood and metal. While standard opaque panels and fenestration layouts exist, including factory-made glass corners, many of the panels can be reconfigured before construction. This facilitates a tailor-to-fit capability to better match each homeowner’s particular lifestyle and each unique site with a tunable building envelope of distinction as well as optimized performance, day-lighting, shading and views.

Each C|S|P is a finely tuned and complete environment, designed entirely by Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects to fully integrate the exterior form, interiors and all essential furnishings.

The first prototype, now in development, will be sited in Batulao, Philippines.