La Nube: Luxurious living in the heart of Arboleda’s vibrant community

San Pedro Garza Garcia, Monterrey, Mexico

This 130-meter tower in the Arboleda mixed use district is a 3-dimensional expression of naturally sculpted pillows and arcs. La Nube – literally translating to, “the cloud” – is a sweeping representation of art and form sculpted into the built environment. The combination of the curved vertical enclosures with the continuous undulation of the balcony slabs create a dynamic movement against the backdrop of the Monterrey sky.  

Rooted in a sense of place 

La Nube is part of the mixed-use community of Arboleda, the master plan also designed by Pelli Clarke & Partners, in San Pedro Garza Garcia, a prestigious suburb and corporate center, providing neighborhood offerings such as shops, restaurants, a hotel, golf course, and cultural center. As a luxury residential tower, La Nube features 71 apartments in the tower and 44 villas in the podium. This community—and La Nube especially—was designed to promote a sense of a long-established space, a place where visitors and residents can feel like they are already home. This was accentuated with mature trees that were replanted back onto the site, providing full, abundant landscapes within the context and view of the Sierra Madre Mountains. 

The Arboleda master plan was also designed by Pelli Clarke & Partners and is a bustling center of office, retail, restaurants, and public space.

Living amongst the clouds 

To emphasize the use of materials, the design focused on using luminous earth-colored terracotta curtain wall panels heavily at the base and transitions to a glassy top. This embellishes a more reflective ascent to the clouds, as the earth gives way to the sky as the tower ascends upward. The villa massing meets the tower at the mid-section, continuing a sense of movement throughout the building’s form.  

An amenity-rich environment 

Within La Nube’s residential program, there is a focus on family amenities, such as a club house, fitness center, spa, pool, zen garden, and wine cellar located throughout the tower and villas. The balance of amenities also provides the community with a wide variety of activities, emphasizing a feeling of home. 

More About the Project

Project Team

Principal Collaborators

  • Architect of Record: Cuatro44
  • Structural Engineer: Brockette Davis Drake
  • MEP: AHFsa

Project Information

  • Location: San Pedro Garza Garcia, Mexico
  • Client: One Development Group
  • Size: 874,030 sq. ft. / 81,200 sq. m.
  • Height: 440 ft. / 130 m.
  • Completion: 2023
  • Firm Role: Design Architect
  • Principal project photography: Jeff Goldberg / ESTO

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