McKinney & Olive

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Dallas, Texas, USA
585,000 square feet / 54,000 square meters

McKinney & Olive brings a landmark tower to Uptown, the premier business and residential district of Dallas. In addition to an elegant 20-story office tower, this mixed-used development includes a two-level retail podium, a new street-level park, and a new parking structure that also includes an elevated green space.

Located at a prime intersection, the development is just a short walk from the new Woodall Rogers Park and the growing Dallas Arts District. The glassy tower slopes outward over the shops and restaurants at its base, gradually becoming larger toward the top. At the corner of McKinney and Olive streets, the gently curved façade folds inward to soften the form. At the tower top, the northeast and southwest corners are pulled taller to emphasize the building’s height.

The development adds to Uptown’s vibrant street life. The undulating glass retail façade is set back from the street to accommodate a new park. The shops at its edge bring energy and activity to this new green space, which become a destination for office workers and shoppers and a place for special events. The park creates a grand entrance to both the shops and the office tower. At the northern edge of the park is a paved forecourt with a valet parking dropoff and an entrance to below-grade parking.

Adjacent to the tower is the parking structure, clad with rippling perforated stainless steel panels at the upper levels. The parking structure includes a rooftop garden for tenants. An athletic facility and conference facility open onto the garden, a distinctive amenity for Uptown’s new favored business address.