The Jiangbei Financial Center Tower ushers in a modern financial district in Nanjing

Nanjing, China

Soaring to 320 meters, the Jiangbei Financial Center Tower is located in the new Jiangbei financial district in Nanjing. The ground lobby establishes a square base, representing the earth's stability, and twists 30° towards a circular summit, offering panoramic views and symbolizing the boundlessness of the sky. This architectural twist not only creates an iconic presence but also embodies the Chinese philosophy “Tian Yuan Di Fang” — round sky and square earth. Merging the earthly foundation with the celestial, reflecting the financial district's prosperous future. Reflecting on the philosophy is a symbol of flexibility and change, while also applying stability, a value the tower will bring to Nanjing’s new district. 

The tower characterizes a square base and morphs into a round floorplate as it ascends upward.

Maximizing space and wellness in form 

The structural design employs a central core and mini-columns embedded in the metal piers of the building curtainwall to create column-free interior spaces. The absence of columns affords unparalleled flexibility in floor planning, enabling tenants to customize their spaces to fit their unique needs and preferences, thereby maximizing both comfort and utility. This innovative approach not only enhances the 360-degree panoramic views but also enhances the interior with extensive natural light. With the addition of natural ventilation, operable panels at low sills promote comfort and wellness. All combined to maximize the comfort and flexibility of the tenants.

The tower has five zones of office, with an amenity sky-lobby half way up the tower, served by double-deck shuttle elevators. 

Charting a sustainable path forward 

As the tower ascends, the two top high floors will offer a club that supports special event spaces and an observation/exhibition hall for art and culture. This tower crown acts as a light beacon for this district of Nanjing. With expected completion in 2026, the tower will be built to China’s Three-Star rating from the China Green Building Council. The building employs passive solar shading, natural ventilation, a high-performance curtain wall system, and a district-wide centralized energy plant.   

The tower top hosts an observation/exhibition hall, reachable by express elevators. 

More About the Project

Project Team

  • Mark R. Shoemaker, AIA
  • Ke Wei Chang, AIA
  • Tina Liu
  • Kuan Liu
  • Haotian Ma
  • Antonio Medina, Associate AIA
  • Ke Tang, AIA
  • Chen Chen, RA

Principal Collaborators

  • Architect of Record: ECADI
  • Structural Engineer: ARUP, ECADI
  • MEP Engineer: ARUP, ECADI

Project Information

  • Location: Nanjing, China
  • Client: Nanjing Yangtze State-Owned Investment Group
  • Size: 1,669,805 sq. ft. / 155,130 sq. m.
  • Height: 320 m. / 1,050 ft.
  • Completion: 2026
  • Firm Role: Design Architect