Frost Tower

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San Antonio, Texas, USA
450,000 square feet / 42,000 square meters

Frost Tower will be the first tower in San Antonio in nearly 30 years, symbolizing the city’s desire to embrace modern architecture in an iconic urban core. Located in the Central Business District, the building is posed to revitalize San Antonio’s west downtown with 450,000 square feet of class-A office space, 10,000 square feet of retail and dining, and three acres of verdant landscaping.

The site’s significance is defined by many of its surrounding, but its most notable is The River Walk, a historic 15-mile walkway framing the San Antonio River. With a long history of expansion, The River Walk has transformed from a scenic walkway to an active, expansive pedestrian street lined with retail, lodging, dining, and hiking. The building’s location toward the middle of the River Walk enables employees and guests of the tower to fully explore the historic city’s diverse offerings.

Frost Tower is an iconic form based on the tradition of classic skyscrapers—drawing particular influence from the Tower Life building—to establish a striking and distinctive silhouette on the skyline against more planar-shaped roofs in the surrounding context. Rather than a series of conventional setbacks, the tower’s 23-story octagonal form utilizes shimmering glass facets to reduce the bulk of massing, as well as implying a spiral movement upward to an integrated crown. The crown adorning the top will be luminous at night with LED pin-striping at the edges of the skin, offering a unique visual for the city of San Antonio and marking Frost Bank’s presence.

The base of the building is enveloped in glass with a lobby, commercial retail, and dining, allowing it to be viewed as a translucent pavilion within a park. Surrounding the base will be a shaded landscaped lined with preserved oak trees originally planted in the 1970s. The lush greenery will harmonize with its surroundings, blending the urban commercial and retail development with its adjacent natural environments, such as San Pedro Creek, the River Walk, and nearby parks.

Upon completion, Frost Tower will be a monumental addition to San Antonio, marking the 150th anniversary of Frost Bank and the 300th of San Antonio.