Godrej One

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Vikhroli, India
700,000 square feet / 65,000 square meters

Containing the headquarters of the Godrej Group, this office tower is a composition of clean, simple forms with deep shading elements that provide strong accent lines. Lushly planted terraces contrast the contemporary engineered glass exterior. Inside, large public spaces connect the interior with views out into the surrounding gardens and parks. The tower is the first building of a mixed-use development master planned by Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects in collaboration with Balmori Associates.

The building form is expressed as a solid crystalline mass with cutouts that create public spaces between the office blocks. The two L-shaped office blocks are organized around a large central atrium. Skylights and two large windows block direct sun while allowing in indirect northern light. This allows many offices to have perimeter locations with light and views on all sides within a compact site. The shape of the building and the orientation of the public spaces allow maximum views of the development’s new gardens and park.

Several large, richly planted outdoor spaces are strategically located to connect the building to the landscape. The central atrium floor leads to a terrace overlooking the park and to stairs to the park itself. Additional large terraces are on floors 4, 7 and 10. A roof garden, also open to the building’s users, insulates the building from unwanted heat gain.

The planted terraces and deep shading overhangs were arranged according to the solar orientation of the building. The design carefully limits direct sunlight onto the glass façade to reduce heat gain while allowing indirect and northern light deep into the work spaces to decrease the need for artificial lighting. This is the most visible design strategy for reducing energy demand.

Continuing the Godrej Group’s history of environmental leadership, Godrej One and its related development aspire to be among the most sustainable in the world. Godrej One has been pre-certified LEED Platinum and both the building and the development use cutting-edge approaches to conserve energy and water.