Torre Mítikah

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Mexico City, Mexico
1.2 million square feet / 108,000 square meters

Torre Mítikah will be an elegant, soaring tower against the Mexico City skyline, providing panoramic views of the historic, low-rise capital. The 68-story tower will act as a defining landmark for a new, mixed-use neighborhood that caters to a progressive live-work-play community.

Torre Mítikah will be the signature residential high-rise building located in the heart of Mítikah: Ciudad Viva, an 11-hectare (27-acre) development in the Coyoacán neighborhood. Close to the national music conservatory—Cineteca Nacional México—and gardens, this transformative development will be pedestrian-oriented for a thoughtful, sophisticated experience for residents, visitors, and the local community. Other buildings of Ciudad Viva surrounding Torre Mítikah will feature office, hotel, and extensive retail, as well as public spaces such as a grand plaza and 30,000-square-meters of green space.

The tower’s residential program is designed toward family and communal fulfillment with amenities such as screening salons, children’s garden, lounges, a water park and several pool areas, indoor soccer court, ballroom, spa, and private terraces. Luxury penthouse apartments will feature light-filled indoor gardens and private access to a heliport.

Two flowing glass-and-steel façades envelope the curves of the tower’s elliptical shape, culminating above the tower’s top to reveal two open notches facing north and south. The subtle feature will further demonstrate Torre Mítikah’s architectural expression and timeless quality as an “axis mundi,” a spiritual representation of the essential, central connection between earth and sky.