Torre Sevilla ignites a new economic engine in a historic city

Seville, Spain

Torre Sevilla is part of a vibrant development on the site of the 1992 World’s Fair that revitalizes the urban riverfront in the Isla de la Cartuja area. This striking mixed-use tower stretches thirty-seven stories into the sky to connect with Seville’s iconic landmarks, including the historic bell tower La Giralda and the numerous church spires and bridges that make up the rich character of the city. Each aspect of the architecture reflects Seville’s social, urban, and historic contexts. As viewed from the center of Seville, the tallest tower in Andalusia has a graceful tapering form — its thinnest profile is seen from the La Giralda bell tower, once the tallest tower in the world.

“With grace and pure geometry, the tower reflects Seville’s rich history and symbolizes energy conservation and optimism for the future.”   — William E. Butler, AIA, LEED AP
The ribbon-like retail podium with public rooftop green space stretches the length of the ten-acre site. 

A lively destination for shopping and dining with expansive green space

A dramatic split podium curves around the tower’s base in an oval arc, forming a pedestrian-only street lined with shops and cafes. At the north end, the street widens into a plaza with outdoor dining terraces, fountains, orange and jacaranda trees, and an underground auditorium. The height of the split podium reduces sun exposure and creates a cool and shady oasis in Seville’s hot climate. Canvas awnings are easily extended to provide shade during the hottest months of the year. Across the podium’s roof, a lush green public park with native plants and trees is an urban outdoor destination for walking, relaxing, and enjoying inspiring views of the city and river.

A series of transparent footbridges connect the two sides of the retail podium.  
The retail podium is composed of striking copper-colored sunshades and lightly reflective glass that emphasize visual connection to the tower. 
"It will be a new economic and tourist attraction in the city, a space also for conventions and meetings in a unique environment."
— Juan Espadas, Mayor of Seville
Visitors enjoy panoramic views of Seville from the public rooftop terrace and restaurant. 

More About the Project

Project Team

Principal Collaborators

  • Architect of Record: AYESA
  • Structural Engineer: AYESA

Project Information

  • Location: Seville, Spain
  • Client: Puerto Triana S.A.
  • Size: 1,865,000 sq. ft. / 173,300 sq. m.
  • Height: 584 ft. / 178 m.
  • Completion: 2017
  • Certification: LEED Gold
  • Firm Role: Design Architect
  • Principal Project Photography: Jeff Goldberg/ESTO