Block 185

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Austin, Texas, USA
793,000 square feet / 74,000 square meters

Block 185 will be a new, defining tower for Austin and the city skyline, embracing new trends and efforts toward employee lifestyle and wellness. Sited on a premier development in one of the fastest growing, most desirable cities in America, Block 185 will celebrate the city’s history and reinforce its’ growth.

Reaching 575 feet, the tower will announce its presence through a unique, curved composition that emulates a sail. When viewed from an eastern-western point, the curve can be seen extending upward beyond the tower’s top for a slick, pointed expression.

The façade is composed of high-performance glass and custom metal mullions in a tartan pattern, more pronounced on the northern side and underscored on the others. The subtle transition between patterns gives an individual, but cohesive presence from multiple viewpoints.

Programmable outdoor terraces appear on every floor of the building—the first in Austin to employ this—offering an immersive setting with views of the Colorado River, Lady Bird Lake, and the city’s southern districts. More expansive rooftop gardens—located on each of the building’s setbacks— provide ample opportunities for larger social and professional gatherings. These overhanging balconies also aid in reducing solar heat gain by shading the floors below, as well as horizontal and vertical sunshades.

Employees will have access to the ground-level retail, as well as the city’s numerous offerings, both natural, such as Shoal Creek and the Butler Hike and Bike Trail, and urban, such as 2nd Street retail, Austin City Limits, and Republic Square. Block 185 is the final addition to the Green Water Treatment Plant site redevelopment, resulting in a diverse and inclusive destination space.

Anticipated for completion in 2022, Block 185 will be a new landmark tower for Austin, creating collaborative, connected, flexible, and sustainable work environments to attract top talent.