One Canada Square and Docklands Light Railway Station

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London, England
1.8 million square feet / 163,000 square meters

One Canada Square is London’s first skyscraper and the centerpiece of Canary Wharf, one of the largest private developments in the world. Since 1986, Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects has designed seven towers at Canary Wharf, now a financial center for London.

This 48-story tower, the tallest in England, is a simple square prism terminating with a pyramidal top. This clear and strong form creates a landmark readily identifiable from all directions. Clad in linen-finish stainless steel panels, the tower softly reflects London’s gray and misty atmosphere. The tower’s corners are inverted, making the building appear taller and thinner. The articulated corners also bring natural light to the interior, including the inner ring of corridors on each floor.

The tower is joined by a retail and assembly building, which includes shops and restaurants as well as a winter garden with adjoining meeting and exhibition rooms. The retail and assembly building hosts performances and events, and is equipped with flexible stage lighting and sound systems as well as a portable stage and seating.

The lobby of One Canada Square also connects to the Dockland Light Railway Station, the gateway to Canary Wharf. Located at the center of the retail building, the station connects to the tower, the retail complex and the adjacent buildings via a network of shopping concourses on multiple levels. With its glass-and-steel vaulted roof, the station is a modern reinterpretation of London’s great 19th century railroad stations.