Texas Tower

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Houston, Texas, USA
1.15 million square feet / 107,000 square meters

Texas Tower will redefine the concepts of live-work-play, establishing itself as a centerpiece of an invigorated neighborhood for a well-rounded, prominent environment for all community members.

The 1.2-million-square-foot tower was designed to support and encourage health and well-being. Garden terraces will be present atop nearly all of the projected forms of the tower, except the southern-facing one, which features a transparent, multi-level atrium, allowing tenants to conveniently and continuously interact with the natural environment within close distance of their working space. Three larger, lusher rooftop gardens will be located on the parking structure’s roof, providing open areas for walking, casual conversations, and a more immersive environmental experience.

The tower will be woven into its context, maintaining the architectural elegance of the neighborhood bordering the Arts District and Downtown. The façade of Texas Tower will include two different types of glass—one for the elongated columns present on the tower’s corners and the other for the forms jutted from its center. This transitional rhythm will give the building a subtle, but accentuated presence in downtown. To further instill a welcoming, contemporary composition among its nearby context, Texas Tower will be placed diagonally on its site, directly facing the corner of Texas and Travis Street.

The main lobby’s design will echo the diverse functions of hotel lobbies with working areas, lounges, and casual dining. Connected to the lobby will be a transparent circular bar that melds the interior and exterior for an active gathering space. The bar will feature an elegant wood installation that curves upward and over the seated guests and toward the reception desk, contrasting the cream-colored interiors.

With an expressive geometric composition, the 47-story tower will display an accented silhouette among the Houston skyline.