Torre Banco Macro reflects the elegance of a cosmopolitan city

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Rising from the bustling business district of Catalinas Norte, Torre Banco Macro sweeps thirty stories into the sky with inspiring views of the river and city. Banco Macro is one of the largest banks in Argentina, with over 460 branches across the country. The company’s new headquarters is a bright and airy home with a modern bank branch, flexible collaborative space, an auditorium, a café, a gym, on-site medical services, and three levels of underground parking for cars and bicycles.

At the top of the tower, curved white metal tubing covers the mechanical equipment, giving a smooth, striking look.

Discovering beauty in the balance of shape and form

Our work began with a five-sided building site that was not originally planned for a tower, presenting an intriguing set of creative challenges. We responded with an oval-shaped tower that would fit comfortably within the site and allow it to be highly visible from the neighboring park. As the tower rises, it gradually tapers to culminate in a smooth, curved top that gently meets the sky. The tower’s presidential-level offices have triple-high floors and a riverside hospitality room with panoramic views.

The tower’s sculptural form gently undulates as it reaches the sky.
Employees and bank patrons are welcomed into an uplifting, light-filled space with a parabolic skylight and white marble floors.
From the main level, a curved marble stair leads to a state-of-the art auditorium that seats 200 people.
The auditorium’s design is a continuation of the tower’s plasticity, offering a dynamic space for daily use and special events.
“Torre Banco Macro reflects the company’s vision and leadership in the industry while contributing a new emblematic building to the alluring character of Buenos Aires.” — Axel Zemborain, AIA
The front of the tower (known as “the smile”) references the building’s curvilinear top and offers a grand entrance. 

More About the Project

Project Team

Principal Collaborators

  • Architect of Record: G3M / Gonzalo Suarez Aboy Arquitectos
  • Structural Engineer: Alberto H. Fainstein S.A.
  • MEP: WSP; GF-Estudio Grinberg Felíz; Estudio Labonia & Associados; Mackinlay Vignaroli S.A

Project Information

  • Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Client: Vizora
  • Size: 570,000 sq. ft. / 53,000 sq. m.
  • Height: 426 ft. / 130 m.
  • Completion: 2019
  • Certification: LEED Gold Objective
  • Firm Role: Design Architect
  • Video montage courtesy of Banco Macro / Tomás Varela
  • Photography by Axel Zemborain / Daniel Casoy / Tomás Varela

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