Baosteel Shanghai Headquarters

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Shanghai, China
872,000 square feet / 81,000 square meters

Baosteel Shanghai Headquarters is the corporate home of one of the world’s largest steel companies. The complex—a 24-story office tower with podium and two nine-story office buildings—is also a major component of a new business center on the site of the internationally-acclaimed 2010 World Exposition. PCPA master planned the district, which consists of six city blocks of office buildings with street-level retail. As a counter statement to the large-scale commercial developments often seen in China, the plan is a return to a human scale. The development is a dense, low-rise environment with pleasant, walkable streets and public spaces.

The range of materials used in the buildings’ curtain walls provides architectural variety. To highlight Baosteel’s primary business, the tower is clad in stainless steel with an embossed linen finish. For contrast, off-white granite is used for the podium. The low-rise buildings have curtain walls similar to the podium but with golden granite to provide a distinct but sympathetic architectural expression.

The enclosure systems for each building feature two types of curtain walls. The street edge of all the buildings are wrapped in a “hard shell” of linen stainless steel panels with high performance glass and sun screens. Special features, amenities and the rounded corners of the buildings have a more open, glassy “soft shell” of high performance low-iron glass. These two types of enclosures provide visual variety while delineating the functions and special areas of the complex.

All three buildings are transparent and open to the street at the ground level. The tower has a signature triple-height lobby finished in travertine, marble, wood and stainless steel. This soaring space features a dramatic spiral stair and glass-floored balconies. Amenities include a grand curved balcony and an executive reception area at the uppermost levels which has curved floor-to-ceiling windows and offers views of the city.

The six-story podium features retail on the first two levels. The podium’s upper levels contain additional amenities, including a garden for dining on level five. Green roofs top the podium and nine-story office buildings.