Zürich Tower

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The Hague, Netherlands
240,000 square feet / 22,000 square meters

Zürich Tower is the corporate headquarters for a Swiss-based insurance company. The hexagonal building includes offices, two levels of underground parking and below grade functions, as well as a five-story wing. The fifth floor of the wing accommodates a corporate restaurant, meeting rooms and a media center. A public gallery is located on the ground floor of the tower, with a private garden court on the back of the building.

Acting as the visual terminus of the Boulevard Koningnne Gracht, and taking advantage of views to the adjacent Koekamp City Park, the tower terminates in a dome constructed of colored metal-clad planes. The building facade is patterned with five colors of brick and ceramic tile. The tower is within the De Resident master plan area. The plan was designed by Robert Krier in collaboration with nine other architects, including Cesar Pelli. The plan extends the old city fabric into an area of The Hague that was bombed during World War II.